Welcome to Healing Classrooms

This eLearning Program is designed to provide Healing Classrooms-related learning opportunities to IRC staff. The self-study/group study program enables staff to access relevant, quality professional development opportunities and resources on an ongoing basis. It supports the learning of key concepts related to child and youth protection, student well-being, quality teaching and learning. Tools and guidance are also provided for staff to design, implement and monitor quality programs, as well as to apply action research methodologies.

To begin, please start with The Basics as an introduction to the IRC, the Healing Classrooms Initiative and this eLearning Program. Use the menu bar across the top of each screen to navigate.

Once you have familiarized yourself with The Basics, including how to use this eLearning Program, you can begin to work on one of the modules below.

Student Well-Being

Teacher Well-Being

Gender Dynamics

Module 1

Module 1

Module 1