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Elements of Student Well-Being

Student well-being refers to a range of children and youth needs that may be met through educational interventions. These include:

Student well-being is strengthened when these needs are met. The table below presents these different elements and the ways in which they relate to particular aspects of education and teacher behavior. Review it and make yourself familiar with these aspects of student well-being.

Elements of Student Well-Being

Sense of Belonging

  • Strong student identity: feeling like a student, and being recognized as such

  • Wearing a uniform or special “school clothes," carrying a school bag, etc.

  • Treated equal to other students (e.g., boys and girls, children with disabilities)

Sense of Control

  • Having a routine of regular school attendance

  • Appreciating learning well and feeling that getting an education is leading to a brighter future

  • Predictably “good teaching and learning"

  • Believing that skills learned are relevant to future job opportunities

Feelings of Self-Worth

  • Feeling good about learning, about the future

  • Pride in wearing or carrying symbols of schooling, such as school books

  • Developing life skills that enable youth to contribute to themselves and their families

Personal Attachments

  • Positive relationships with teachers who are helping students in different ways

Relationships with Peers

  • Importance of friends

  • Appreciation of games, play

Intellectual Stimulation

  • Appreciating “good learning"

Sense of Safety

  • Feeling safe and secure in the learning environment

  • No landmines in, around or en route to the school

  • Free from sexual abuse and exploitation

  • Positive discipline is used


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Definition: sense of belonging

feeling accepted and at ease

Definition: sense of control

feeling able and empowered in a given situation

Definition: relationships with peers

relationships with children of about the same age and with similar backgrounds, usually from the same or nearby communities

Definition: self-worth

how a person thinks about himself or herself overall

Definition: personal attachments

feeling close to people; bonding

Definition: intellectual stimulation

something mentally engaging and interesting

Definition: sense of safety

feeling free from harm, injury, danger or risk