Student Well-Being

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Positive or Negative Influence?

Activity Part 1:

Use this blank chart to explore if and how the well-being needs of children and youth may be observed and met in your local context.

Needs of Children and Youth

Positive Examples from Your Context

Negative Examples from Your Context

Possible Interventions that Positively Influence Student Well-Being

Possible Interventions that Negatively Influence Student Well-Being

Sense of Belonging





Sense of Control





Feelings of Self-Worth





Relationships with Peers





Personal Attachments





Intellectual Stimulation





Sense of Safety






In the left-hand columns (Positive Examples/Negative Examples), give examples of how particular needs of children and youth have been demonstrated in your context. In the right-hand columns (Interventions that Positively Influence/Interventions that Negatively Influence), list potential interventions that have been or could be developed to address these needs.

Click here to print a blank chart so you can work on a paper copy.