Student Well-Being

Student Well-Being / Creating Healing Classrooms / Positive Teaching and Classroom Management

Positive Teaching and Classroom Management

The second component of a Healing Classroom involves: teaching and classroom management methods that promote well-being.

On the negative side Frustrated teachers in overcrowded classrooms that lack adequate resources often resort to shouting, threats and punishments to control students. Likewise, student well-being is negatively impacted in classrooms that are traditionally managed by force and by teachers who repeat demeaning practices that they themselves experienced as children and youth. Teachers play a key role in promoting student well-being by ensuring their physical and emotional safety.

In crisis-affected contexts, the classroom can be an important healing space for children. Benefits of improving management skills are enormous. Teachers who are courteous, prompt, enthusiastic, calm, patient and organized are positive role models. Teachers who work effectively with different learners and different personalities demonstrate the skills children will need to successfully navigate their new environments, for example in school, on the job and in the community, and to create more positive futures.

Questions for Reflection/Discussion:

In your context, how does the behavior and attitude of the students reflect the management style of the teachers?