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Positive Teaching and Classroom Management

These tips will help teachers respond positively to inappropriate student behavior:

  • Calm down – Before teachers respond, they should take some slow deep breaths. (Inhale slowly through the nose. Exhale slowly through the mouth.) This re-centering breathing helps teachers to calm down so they can think more clearly about the most appropriate response. Calming down also models good stress management and conflict resolution skills for students.

  • Avoid direct confrontations – Be calm, clear and direct with a disruptive student. Rather than deal with the situation in front of everyone, make time to talk to him or her later, when everyone has calmed down and issues can be addressed with limited distraction.

  • Take a time out – Students who are wound up, angry and frustrated benefit from having time and space to be alone. Teachers and other students can benefit from an angry student's temporary absence as well! Taking a time out helps the disruptive student to calm down. Teachers can give students the option to remove themselves with dignity from the situation and then to decide for themselves when they are they ready to re-join the group.

  • Adhere to the consequences – Make sure the teacher's response to the broken rule is in line with the consequences in the classroom guidelines.

  • Forgive – After the rule-breaking has been satisfactorily addressed, teachers should fully forgive students and welcome them back into the group. Students should apologize for any wrongdoing and be given an opportunity to make amends.