Student Well-Being

Reaching All Learners

The fourth component of a Healing Classroom involves a strong emphasis on: reaching all learners. This objective is accomplished through varied teaching and communication styles.

Each child and youth is a unique person with an emotional self, an intellectual self and a physical self, all rolled into her or his identity. As children and youth explore new ideas and learn new skills, they use their emotional, intellectual and physical selves.

Each child and youth learns in a different way. Children and youth learn at different rates and in different styles. Some children and youth learn best through activities that involve the use of language. Others require a lot of visual information, collecting and sorting information and games, or physical activities.

Any progress children or youth make in their learning should be praised and encouraged. Children and youth should not feel they are failures because they don't learn at the same rate or in the same way as other children. Children and youth who learn quickly should be able to progress in their learning at a faster rate.

Meeting the specific learning needs of children with disabilities serves all students, because every student has unique learning needs.