Student Well-Being

The Teacher's Role: Teachers Creating Healing Classrooms

Healing Classrooms-oriented teacher training presents three ways in which teachers can support the well-being of children and youth, through:

  • What they teach

  • How they teach

  • Their position in the community as advocates for children and youth

Let's examine each way in which teachers can better support their students.

Through what they teach: Lesson content can help children and youth to understand their environments, to solve problems and ultimately to protect themselves. For example, teachers can include health education content on the importance of hand-washing or protecting oneself from contracting HIV/AIDS, on cleanliness in general, and on protection from the cold. The focus here is on children's need for intellectual stimulation plus a sense of control; that is, knowing "I can take care of myself."

Questions for Reflection/Discussion:

How have teachers in your context strengthened student well-being in what they teach? In what specific ways could you ensure the teaching of more protective content?