Student Well-Being

Reaching All Learners

Because different children and youth learn in different ways (and especially because in stressful situations when education has been interrupted or non-existent, children and youth may need to connect with learning materials in various ways), teachers should plan ahead and be ready to use different kinds of activities in the lesson plan for each day. This customized approach does not imply that groups of students should have separate activities; rather that the whole class should have opportunities to engage in the topic in a variety of different ways. It is important for teachers to think about the whole child so that they can provide for each student's full development as a whole person.

Strategies to help teachers "teach the whole class":

  • Get to know the strengths and weaknesses of children and youth in the class.

  • Praise children and youth when they have done something well.

  • Help children who are having difficulty learning, so these students can experience success.

  • Use different approaches to present important lesson content, so all children and youth have a chance to learn it well.