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Healing Classrooms and Child-Friendly Schools

The basis for Healing Classrooms builds upon UNICEF's general concept of "child-friendly schools." Child-friendly classrooms exist in all countries and contexts. Of course, the method of implementation varies depending on the local context. These learning environments benefit all children and youth. But for children and youth who have experienced conflict and/or crisis, and who are living in difficult circumstances, such as refugee camps and settlements, there are tremendous benefits of a child-friendly classroom and especially of a Healing Classroom.

In these difficult circumstances, special attention must be devoted to the well-being of children and youth. Also important is building the capacity of the students to:

  • Cope with the experiences they have had or are still having

  • Have a positive outlook on the future

  • Take active roles in the development of their families, communities and societies.

Definition: child-friendly classrooms

schools or classrooms that are welcoming to children and conducive to their learning