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Healing Classrooms and Child-Friendly Schools

Child-friendly and healing schools are designed to meet the needs of all children and youth. They are environments in which teaching and learning activities build on what students know. Child-friendly and healing schools allow all students, girls and boys, to participate actively by engaging their own ideas, suggestions and questions. Active participation allows children and youth to take the lead in their own education, including children with disabilities.

Question for Reflection/Discussion:

Do you and/or your colleagues use the term "child-friendly school"? If so, what does that term mean to you? Based on the previous discussion about children's well-being needs, what do you understand as the special elements of a healing classroom?


To help you think about the concepts of child-friendly schools and healing classrooms, complete these statements:

A child-friendly school is a place where___________________________.

A healing classroom is a place where_____________________________.

Read the statement over and over and "fill in the blank" again and again until you've run out of ideas.

For Facilitators:

Brainstorm ideas, beliefs and assumptions about what constitutes a child-friendly school. Compile the group's ideas on a board, etc.