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What Are the Challenges?

Despite good intentions, creating and maintaining Healing Classrooms is often difficult. On one hand, teachers in contexts of crisis, post-crisis and state fragility may have little training, limited levels of education and/or only a basic understanding of new skills to be taught to students. On the other hand, even when this is not the case, teachers may have few tools to guide them in creating a learner-centered educational environment. As a result, their teacher training often promotes a much more traditional approach to teaching and learning.

Beyond this challenge, teachers themselves may also be suffering trauma and may be preoccupied with their own and their family's subsistence and survival amidst difficult economic circumstances. When teaching conditions are poor because of low salaries, a lack of respect for the teaching profession and administrative obstacles to work, teachers may lose their motivation. These factors represent significant, and often overlooked, obstacles to creating a classroom environment that promotes students' well-being. 

Questions for Reflection/Discussion:

In your local context, what are the main challenges to creating and sustaining Healing Classrooms? What strategies could be used to address these specific challenges?