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Student Well-Being / Challenges / Case Study: Creating Healing Schools in the Earthquake-Affected Areas of Pakistan

Case Study: Creating Healing Schools in the Earthquake-Affected Areas of Pakistan

The checklist below comes from IRC's RISE project in earthquake-affected areas of Pakistan. It has been used for PTA trainings.

How can SMC/PTA members help to create healing school environments?

  • By appreciating teachers' positive and encouraging interaction with students

  • By encouraging teachers to value each individual student in the class – for example, greeting students by name, following up individually on specific student issues, etc.

  • By insisting on respect for all students, whatever their background or ability, while advocating and modeling inclusive approaches – for example, for children with disabilities

  • By working with teachers to support students' active participation in different activities of interest to them – for example, student clubs, sub e nau ("child to child") activities such as health promotion

  • By working with students, other teachers and SMC/PTA members on disaster preparedness – ensuring that plans are made and everyone knows what to do in an emergency

  • By supporting and encouraging teachers, helping them to deal with stress and other difficulties

  • By ensuring that women teachers in particular feel safe and protected in the community and are comfortable moving around

  • By identifying and encouraging appropriate substitute/support teachers from the community

  • By working with the broader community on issues such as low enrollment, absenteeism, drop-out rate

  • By identifying and inviting influential members of the community to take part in school activities, to promote education, child protection and children's rights, gender equality

  • By sharing child protection/well-being concerns with relevant organizations, authorities/line ministries, etc. in the community and beyond


Questions for Reflection/Discussion:

Review the above checklist and consider if and how these ideas may be relevant in your context. How might they need to be modified or adapted? Where strategies appear to be inappropriate to your context, what alternative strategies and approaches would you recommend?

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Definition: enrollment

the number of persons in a class or in a school

Definition: absenteeism

frequent or habitual absence from school