Student Well-Being

Proxy Indicators

As with all indicators, it is critical to ensure that appropriate Means of Verification (MoV) are selected for each proxy indicator. The MoV refers to the data that you will collect to provide direct evidence of the achievement – or otherwise – of the indicator.

Rather than just listing "standard" and "usual" MoV in the log frame (for example, attendance register, list of training participants, pre- and post-training test results), it is important to check that the selected MoV will actually provide you with the specific information you need. Especially when thinking about qualitative indicators related to Healing Classrooms themes, you may need to be creative in coming up with relevant, and feasible, MoV.

Definition: Means of Verification

the continuous practice of critically looking at experiences and actions and applying new knowledge to practice; the process of studying methods and determining what works well

Definition: log frame

a plan of action with defined goals, delineated objectives, expected outputs and means of verification; a process for monitoring project indicators