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Answers for Module 1 Quiz

5. Identify at least three important components of a Healing Classroom

  • A learning environment that is oriented to healing and active learning

  • Teaching and classroom management methods that promote child protection and well-being

  • Positive and supportive communication with children

  • Emphasis on reaching all learners – diversified teaching and communication styles

  • Creative, sports and recreation activities

  • Active participation of children and youth through student engagement in decision-making in school and in finding solutions to challenges

6. Who is responsible for creating Healing Classrooms?

Parents, community and PTA members, teachers, head teachers, education officials, NGO education staff – as well as the students themselves.

7. Which of the INEE Minimum Standards for Education in Emergencies, Chronic Crises and Early Reconstruction relate particularly to student well-being?

Aspects of education related to protection and student well-being are highlighted in the INEE Minimum Standards, especially in the category of Access and Learning Environment.

8. List three possible proxy indicators for student well-being:

A) We might use the following indicators to give some insight into student well-being

  • Asking questions of the teacher in class

  • Playing in groups in the playground during break-times

  • Sharing food together

  • Sharing learning materials in class

  • Walking to and from school together for classes

B) We might choose to focus on teacher actions/behaviors that we assume will have positive implications for the students, such as:

  • Greeting students as they come into class and using individual children's names

  • Providing encouragement to children who are having difficulties in class

  • Ensuring that all students have a chance to speak and share their ideas and opinions in class

  • Playing games with the students in the playground at break-time

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