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Becoming a Teacher – Different Paths

An important aspect of teacher identity is seeing oneself as a teacher. But what if the teachers never actually wanted to become teachers? Perhaps they took the job because better opportunities were not available. Perhaps they became teachers only because community members requested it of them. How might that affect their teacher identity?

Questions for Reflection/Discussion:

Think about situations in which you‘ve found yourself that required you to take on unexpected roles. Answer these questions:

  • How did you deal with the new responsibilities?

  • How might your attitude about the new "role" have helped you do your best?

  • How might your attitude have gotten in the way of your performance?


Sometimes new teachers may have difficulties in knowing what is expected of them by different people such as head teachers, supervisors, parents, students and program staff.

  • In your context, how can you do a better job of making sure that teachers have a clear understanding of the expectations for the job?

  • Make a list of questions you could ask in an interview or orientation session to assess the level of clarity teachers have about the job‘s requirements and expectations.

For Facilitators:

Encourage the participants to work together to make lists of these questions and role-play asking and answering them.