Teacher Well-Being

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Promoting Student Well-Being

Activity – Part 2:

Imagine the same teacher a few months earlier, when he or she first began teaching. Answer these questions:

  • How could the Program Officer have anticipated some of the difficulties this new teacher might have?

  • What training or teacher support activities might have prevented the teacher from leaving?

  • How might ongoing support strengthen teacher identity so that teachers are more committed to the profession and the well-being of the students?

For Facilitators:

If you are in a group, ask two volunteers to act out the roles of teacher and Program Officer while the group listens closely to the perspectives of each actor. After a few moments, stop the actors and ask the group to describe what they heard and understood from each perspective.

In summary, it‘s not always possible to change someone‘s mind after they‘ve made a decision. But if training anticipates certain difficulties in the area of teacher identity, those difficulties can be addressed before they cause a teacher to leave. By helping teachers with teacher identity issues, you help with their professional and personal development, which can help to promote student well-being.