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Who or What Is a Teacher?

Teacher identity refers to who teachers are and what sort of experiences they bring to the classroom setting. Of course, the “who” and the “what” vary tremendously from teacher to teacher. Understanding the particulars of teacher identity is key to providing effective training and support for teachers.

Question for Reflection/Discussion:

When you hear the word “teacher,” what comes to mind?


To help you think about teacher identity, complete this statement in a way that makes sense to you:

A teacher is _________________.

Read the statement over and over and “fill in the blank” again and again, completing the statement in any way that holds true for you. There are no “correct” or “incorrect” answers. When you can think of nothing new to add, click to continue.

For Facilitators:

If you are facilitating a group, brainstorm ideas, beliefs and assumptions about who or what is a teacher. Compile the group‘s ideas on a board, flip chart, blackboard or whatever materials are available to you.