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What Is a Teacher?

While you may feel very certain about the responses you gave, not everything you know, believe or assume about teachers is true for all teachers. To help you expand your views, here are some ideas about teacher identity that came from a brainstorming session amongst IRC staff in West and East Africa:

A teacher is _________________.

  • Someone who imparts knowledge

  • Someone with management qualities

  • Someone who empowers

  • A great learner

  • Someone who helps others to have new experiences

  • An agent of change

  • A good role model

  • An initiator

  • A coordinator of people and resources

  • Someone who can support learning in different environments

  • An administrator, government representative, policy maker

  • Working in formal and non-formal education settings

  • Someone responsible for the well-being of the pupils

  • Someone guiding and supporting children

Questions for Reflection/Discussion:

What do you think about these answers? How are they similar to the ones you gave? How are they different? If you had to rank the most positive qualities and skills for a teacher, which would you list as the top five? What qualities or skills listed above or from the your own list can help teachers to create a protective environment for children and youth?