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What Is a Teacher?

While discussing the positive qualities and skills of a teacher, the workshop participants also pointed out that “teacher” may be a controversial term. Teachers can be a negative influence. A teacher can also be used by governments as an instrument for politics. In Southern Sudan, for example, the government in Khartoum changed the education policy with regard to language and religion and brought in teachers from the North to teach Islamic beliefs and Arabic language.

Questions for Reflection/Discussion:

What do you think about this kind of negative role of teachers? What ideas do you have about changing the attitudes and behaviors of teachers in a more positive direction?

Should a teacher do as a parent does?

When I went to communities [I] saw teachers that beat children and teachers [who] could not teach well. It was very difficult to convince the teachers about the bad effects of beating children. They said it is the right of teachers to beat students because they teach and train them and they have their parents‘ role.

Karima Sorkhabi – Child Protection Program Manager, IRC Afghanistan, Herat