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Becoming a Teacher – Different Paths

In more stable and “developed” contexts, there are strict criteria for teacher selection. Across all levels of student education, usually only those teachers with formal teaching qualifications are accepted into the profession.

In the UK, for example, teaching is a graduate-only profession. Teachers must complete either a four-year Bachelors of Education degree program or a one-year Post-graduate Certificate in Education after any other bachelor's degree. Even in vocational training schools, professional certification is required for trainers. For example, in Sierra Leone, teachers of technical and vocational subjects are prepared through two types of programs: (1) a diploma program of three years' duration in the teacher training college, (2) a three- or four-year degree course in business or engineering followed by a year's post-graduate pedagogical study. Because of these entry requirements and the amount of time and effort required, entering the teaching profession is not a decision taken lightly. Prospective teachers usually have clear and strong reasons for becoming teachers. However, in emergency settings the criteria by which teachers are selected may have to change to accommodate the current situation.