Teacher Well-Being

Teacher Well-Being / Teacher Motivation / Motivating Factors

Motivating Factors

To help you expand your views, review these ideas the IRC staff in West and East Africa suggested as some factors that motivate teachers:

Teachers are motivated by _________________:

  • Salaries (cash)

  • Bonuses/incentives/scholarships

  • Medical benefits

  • Non-cash incentives (e.g. bike, food, clothing, housing)

  • Learning environment:

    • Size of classroom

    • Student to teacher ratio

    • Sanitation facilities

  • Orientation/induction

  • Training, training documents

  • Teaching materials/resources/ongoing professional development

  • Support, supervision, feedback

  • Networking (forum to share experiences)

  • Public recognition/certification of training

  • Possibility for promotion

  • Security

  • Respect

  • Children‘s interest in their own education

  • PTA/CTA establishment

Teachers involved in vocational and skills training and youth programs have also reported the following additional motivating factors:

  • Opportunities to used and teach with new and better training equipment

  • Business incentives, i.e. access to micro-finance

  • Opportunities to identify gifted students to hire as employees post-graduation

  • Contributing to the success of youth initiatives

  • Developing appreciation for and respect of young people

Activity Part 1:

Review these motivation factors. How are they similar to the ones you gave? How are they different? Change or add to the list above to reflect the realities of your context. When it is complete, share it with other staff or colleagues for further input. It can then be used as a tool for program design and development.