Teacher Well-Being

Teacher Well-Being / Teacher Motivation / Motivating Factors

Motivating Factors

Teacher Motivators

  • Salaries (cash)

  • Bonuses/incentives/scholarships

  • Medical benefits

  • Non-cash incentives (e.g. bike, food, clothing, housing)

  • Learning environment

  • Orientation/induction

  • Training

  • Teaching resources

  • Professional development

  • Support, supervision, feedback

  • Networking

  • Public recognition/certification

  • Possibility for promotion

  • Security

  • Respect

  • Children‘s interest in education

  • PTA/CTA establishment

Activity Part 2:

Review the list above and add or change any additional motivations important for teachers in your context. Remove any factors that do not apply in your context. Again, when it is complete, share it with other staff or colleagues for further input and discussion. Which motivations do you think are most significant? For which teachers? For example, are the motivators the same for male and female teachers? Are the motivators the same for school teachers and teachers in vocational and skills training for youth? What impacts might these different motivations have on students?