Teacher Well-Being


Teachers in crisis and post-crisis contexts are frequently affected by the same traumatic events their students and their family members have lived through. They may have experienced the loss of loved ones, homes, property and previous jobs. Naturally, these events can affect a teacher‘s well-being.

Teacher well-being refers to lived experiences and factors outside of the school context and which are related to community and family. These well-being factors encourage teachers in their work and sustain them when difficulties arise. They may help teachers feel happy, satisfied and proud to be a teacher. Teacher well-being factors can include:

  • The ability to support and be supported by family and friends

  • Safety and security for themselves and their loved ones

  • Physical health, particularly among teachers with HIV/AIDS

  • Hope and confidence in the future

Teacher well-being is one of the three interconnected pieces defining who a teacher is and what attitudes he or she has toward teaching. To explore/review the other parts of the puzzle – teacher identity and teacher motivation – you can use the menu on the left.

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