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Summary Framework: Teacher Well-Being

Although we have discussed them separately, teacher identity, motivation and well-being are cross-cutting issues.


Teacher Well-Being Framework


Possible Positive Implications

Possible Negative Implications

Teacher Well-Being

The different factors outside the school context – related more to community and family – that encourage teachers in their work, sustain them when difficulties arise and may help them feel happy, satisfied and proud to be a teacher. Teacher well–being factors can also discourage teachers and make them feel insecure, worried, etc.

Being a teacher may be a source of satisfaction, comfort and empowerment to teachers – especially women.

Teachers may be experiencing stress and preoccupation with their own situation, meaning that they are not able to devote the time and attention needed to meet individual student needs.

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Review this framework. Consider other possible positive implications for teacher well-being factors in your context. Consider other possible negative implications of teacher well-being issues as well. How do they interconnect in your context? What are the effects – positive and negative – for students? Now make your own, context-specific Teacher Well-Being framework to use as a tool for program design and development.