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A Positive Force

As highlighted in the section on teacher identity, we recognize that teachers may also be mothers, fathers, daughters, etc. During difficult circumstances they are, quite naturally, concerned with their own family‘s protection, security and survival. Teachers‘ personal losses and preoccupations can have a profound impact on teachers‘ abilities. Therefore, teachers may need space or support in processing their own grief before they can effectively find the emotional resources to serve children and youth. Increasing their capacity to look after themselves and their families will also positively impact teachers‘ abilities to provide appropriate instruction, protection and support for students in their care.

There are some aspects of teacher well-being in emergency contexts that are a positive force for child protection, for student well-being and, therefore, for quality education. For example, in very difficult circumstances with huge uncertainties about the future, the men and women who can contribute to the community by teaching the future generation may feel positive about the future.

Question for Reflection/Discussion: What do you think are important factors influencing teacher well-being in your context?