Teacher Well-Being

IRC Brainstorm

To help you expand your views and your understanding of teachers, here are some different aspects of teachers‘ well-being identified by IRC staff in West and East Africa:

Factors Affecting Teacher Well-Being

  • Coping with trauma

  • Ability to take care of oneself and one‘s family

  • Ability to save money

  • Financial security

  • Housing/lodging

  • Family life

  • Community relationships

  • Access to health services

  • Access to social support services

  • Security

  • Physical health

  • Happiness


Review this list. Add or change any teacher well-being factors that are important for teachers in your context. Remove any from the list that do not apply in your context. Share your context-specific list with other staff and colleagues for review and further discussion. Which factors do you think are most significant? For which teachers? For example, are they the same for male and female teachers? Are they the same for school teachers, vocational and skills trainers and non-formal education teachers and trainers? What are the effects (positive or negative) of these factors for students?