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Teacher Well-Being and Student Well-Being

The relationship between teacher well-being and student well-being is simple to understand. If teachers feel safe and secure in their community and have the support from family members and the greater community to do their work well, then these feelings will be reflected in the quality of their teaching and their ability to support student well-being. Likewise, when teachers know that they can provide for the needs of their family and fulfill their obligations as mother, father, daughter, son, etc., then this sense of security translates into quality teaching and positive relationships with students and their families.

Teachers who have themselves experienced difficult circumstances, trauma, separation from family and general uncertainty, but have support to cope with it, are uniquely qualified to understand and meet some of their students‘ emotional needs.

Questions for Reflection/Discussion:

Building on the earlier discussion of the teacher well-being issues in your own local context, now consider how teacher well-being issues positively enhance teachers‘ capacity to promote student well-being through their everyday classroom interactions.