Teacher Well-Being

Challenging the Deficit Model

Alternative qualifications should not be romanticized or used as a reason not to provide much-needed teacher training and support. It is clear that there are limits to the extent of alternative qualifications, and the ways in which teachers can articulate and actually apply their alternative knowledge in classrooms. However, challenging the deficit model of teachers in crisis situations is important. Why? Because factors that constitute teachers‘ alternative qualifications are important elements in ensuring student well-being. These factors include teachers who:

  • Have knowledge of and a commitment to the community and its children

  • Share the same gender as their students (specifically female teachers)

  • Appreciate the opportunity for their own learning, development and contribution

  • Have practical experience applying the skills and knowledge in the subject areas or skills they teach (especially valuable for vocational and skills trainers)

Because these factors are essential to acknowledge and build on in the design and implementation of education programs, they will be explained in greater detail as we continue.