Teacher Well-Being

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Knowledge of and Commitment to the Community and Its Children

Illiteracy and low levels of education are an obstacle to development. Education offers expanded opportunities for individual children, youth and their families, and for the community as a whole. As relatively well-educated or skilled members of the community, teachers who have been nominated to teach usually understand the potential of education and are prepared to do what they can to help children and youth have better futures.

Teachers understand the importance of education and supporting young people, and yet, at the same time they also understand the obstacles children and youth might face. These obstacles can include:

  • Inability to pay school fees and other schooling costs

  • Need for children to work and contribute to family incomes

  • Resistance from parents for girls to go to school

Through understanding and recognizing the influential role they can play in the community, teachers may be motivated to change situations by responding sympathetically and with culturally appropriate strategies; for example, informally talking to resistant parents over tea in the evening.