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Teacher Tentativeness-Alternative Qualifications Summary

Teacher tentativeness-Alternative qualifications are really “two sides of the same coin.” The chart below summarizes the concepts described in this section and helps us to see the positive and negative forces inherent within the overall theme of teacher identity, motivation and well-being.

Teacher Identity, Motivation and Well-Being
Locally recruited teachers
Teachers from the crisis-affected community
Teachers with low levels of education and training

Teacher Tentativeness
Potentially Negative Forces

Being Alternatively Qualified
Potentially Positive Forces

Being a Teacher – A Result of Circumstances

  • Limited teaching experience and skills – especially strategies to create learner-centered and child-friendly classrooms

Strong Commitment to the Community and Particularly Children & Youth

  • Desire to contribute to the community and ensure brighter futures

  • Responsibilities to live up to the trust and expectations of children, youth, their parents and the community

  • Being part of the same community and having lived the same crisis situation, having similar beliefs in the power of education, having special insights into the protection concerns and needs of children and youth and being aware of traditional mechanisms and strategies

Being a Teacher – But without a Sense of Professional Identity

  • Fall back on the sort of teaching they experienced as a student

  • Limited sense of professionalism


  • Positive impacts for girls and young women – creating access and conducive learning environment

Being a Teacher – Amidst Social and Economic Uncertainty

  • Being preoccupied with their own survival and that of their families prevents teachers from investing real energy and commitment to their teaching

  • Stressed and easily provoked to anger, violence and exploitation

  • May leave teaching – or fail to continue upon repatriation

Appreciating Opportunities to Learn, Develop and Contribute

  • Appreciation of access to learning resources and trainings and of the intellectual exercise of teaching


Consider the concepts of teacher tentativeness and being alternatively qualified. In your context, is either side of the coin stronger? If so, which one – the negative side or the positive side? What efforts are being made to support and promote alternative qualifications? What efforts are being made to address teacher tentativeness? What additional actions could be developed? Work with colleagues to develop a similar table that is context-specific and that could be used as a tool for program design and development, and for action research.

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