Teacher Well-Being

Defining the Concepts

Teacher tentativeness and alternative qualifications are two sides of the same coin. Teacher tentativeness encompasses the negative forces relating to teacher identity, experience, motivation and well-being. Alternative qualifications encompass the more positive forces.

Question for Reflection/Discussion:

What are the key elements contributing to teacher tentativeness in your context? What might be the key elements of teachers‘ alternative qualifications?

Definition: teacher tentativeness

a negative force in quality education; a result of weak teacher identity and of low levels of both teacher motivation and teacher well-being, teacher tentativeness has negative implications for the quality of children‘s learning and on their well-being

Definition: alternative qualifications

the personal qualities, characteristics, skills and other abilities that make certain individuals very well suited for teaching even if they don‘t have the specific education, formal training and experience; recognition of and building on teachers‘ alternative qualifications can help to strengthen teacher identity; alternative qualifications can motivate teachers and result in enhanced teacher well-being