Teacher Well-Being

Teacher Tentativeness

The concept of teacher tentativeness describes the reality of many of the crisis and post-crisis situations in which the IRC works. The men and women who are selected or who volunteer to be teachers are not necessarily able to think about themselves as career teachers, nor can they imagine that they will continue teaching in the future. In addition, many vocational and skills trainers or literacy, numeracy and life skills teachers teach on a part-time basis, thus teaching is not their primary profession. There are many different reasons for tentativeness, and they are usually related to the harsh realities of the teachers‘ lives.

It is important to stress that teacher tentativeness is not necessarily an expression of a lack of interest or commitment on the teachers‘ part. Rather, it is rooted in the socio-economic and political conditions in which teachers find themselves. These combined conditions make it difficult for a teacher to be fully attentive to the demands of teaching.