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Being a Teacher – A Result of Circumstances

For many teachers, their current role as a teacher is strongly connected to their experiences of becoming and being a refugee, a returnee or a member of a crisis-affected community. In other circumstances most of the men and women teaching would probably not have become teachers. Yet, when there is an obvious need and when they are either nominated by community members or have the opportunity to volunteer, there are some significant incentives for them to teach. These may include:

  • A sense of satisfaction at being able to do something for the community that will have a long-term positive impact.

  • Knowing that a teaching job assures that they will continue their own learning and personal development.

  • The economic benefits (however small!) of a regular salary or incentive. In contexts where there are few other possibilities for generating income, becoming a teacher may be the only option. Or it might just be a more appealing option than others, for example, harder physical or manual work.

  • The relative status of teachers in the community and the respect that they may gain from parents and community members.

  • For vocational and skills trainers, the opportunity to expand their businesses and identify new markets, new employees, new equipment and techniques for offering better products or services.