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Working with Teachers, Administrators, Education Authorities and Communities

We‘ve provided a guide for a workshop for teachers, administrators, education authorities and communities on the themes of Teacher Identity, Motivation and Well-Being. You can access it by clicking here. We hope you will use this tool to create a dynamic training. We encourage you to take the objectives and the activities and expand from there as is appropriate in your context.

By the end of this section, you should be able to effectively:

  • Develop a tailored training session to engage a diverse group of education stakeholders on issues related to teacher identity, motivation and well-being

  • Encourage these stakeholders to recognize their complementary roles in supporting teachers to support children and youth

  • Critically reflect on the training session with co-facilitators and be able to make suggestions for improvements to subsequent sessions

  • Develop and deliver relevant training to teachers, communities and government authorities on the topic of teacher identity, motivation and well-being

The collective Healing Classrooms Teacher Identity, Motivation and Well-Being Framework is also a tool to engage teachers, communities and education authorities in discussions about teacher recruitment, retention and development. Because of its holistic nature, the framework helps stakeholders to think broadly and creatively. It also promotes an understanding that there are multiple forms of motivation and sources of support (communities and authorities; partners such as NGOs and UN agencies), which can help to create the conditions for teacher well-being. The framework may help you to engage authorities and communities in productive discussions about teachers, their roles in communities and societies, and their realities. It can be a stimulus to elicit participants‘ suggestions of different contextualized ways in which they can support teachers.

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Definition: holistic

taking into account many or all factors