Gender Dynamics

Gender Dynamics / Understanding Gender Dynamics / Overview – The Challenges

Overview – The Challenges

Despite some successes, the challenges to gender equality in most crisis, post-crisis and state fragility contexts remain great. Many more girls and young women are denied access to education than boys. Once in school, girls are more likely to drop out at an early age. Furthermore, the experience of schooling may not be a positive one for girls who are:

  • Subject to gender-based violence and harassment in and around school

  • Without female role models in school

  • Working with textbooks, curriculum and teaching and learning processes that do not reflect their particular life experiences, concerns and priorities

Crisis and post-crisis situations often bring about changes in gender roles and relationships for boys, girls, men and women. Along with positive opportunities, these changes can also create challenges at the personal, family and community levels.

It is important to understand how gender dynamics in education affect students. It is also critical to address the different school-related experiences of male and female teachers, mothers and fathers, PTA members, education personnel, etc.

Definition: harassment

unwanted and offensive behavior