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Teacher Masculinities and Male-Gender Identities

Gender is not just about women and girls. Clearly, we need to better understand the gendered experiences, perspectives, priorities and needs that female and male teachers bring to the classroom. We also must try to understand the multiple social roles and identities of teachers and the ways in which these roles may change in contexts of crisis, post-crisis or state fragility.

As you have been reading, there is now a little research related to female teachers' experiences in such contexts, including from the Healing Classrooms assessment findings, but there is much less research on masculinities (qualities traditionally considered to be characteristic of a male) and male teachers' gender identities.

More research on male-gendered identity would help us to better understand the relationship between masculinity and professional identity for male teachers. It may also provide better insight into some of the dynamics behind the sexual abuse and exploitation of female students by male teachers. With that understanding we can develop better training and professional development strategies to engage male teachers in protective, gender-responsive education.