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Teacher Masculinities and Male-Gender Identities

In order to promote high standards of professional conduct by teachers and to eliminate abuse of students by teachers, the INEE Minimum Standards recommend the introduction of codes of conduct (Teachers and other Education Personnel, Standard 2).

INEE Minimum Standards

Teachers and other Education Personnel, Standard 2: Conditions of Work: Teachers and other education personnel have clearly defined conditions of work, follow a code of conduct, and are appropriately compensated.

Such codes of conduct are an important step in creating conducive teaching and learning environments. However, in isolation, a code will not stop sexual abuse and exploitation in schools. Although there can be no excuse for unprofessional, immoral and illegal behaviors, a male teacher perspective can help us to understand and effectively address the complex pressures that might cause difficulties for the men and their students.

Reflection/Discussion: In your context, what might ensure greater compliance with codes of conduct and higher levels of professional conduct by teachers? What kind of teacher training/professional development might be appropriate to work with male teachers on issues of gender identity?