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Promoting Positive Teacher Masculinities

One important way to promote positive teacher masculinities is by incorporating into gender training more discussion of the different positive roles and responsibilities of men and boys in families and communities. The following questions for reflection/discussion could also be used as part of a workshop/training with teachers:

Activity – Part 1:

Brainstorm generally held beliefs about what it means to be a man in your community. What sort of qualities does the community believe men should have? Organize this list into groups of qualities that are positive and those that may be negative. Rank the positive qualities in order of priority for teachers to encourage in boys.

Activity – Part 2:

Take the top-most ranked positive qualities and brainstorm ways in which teachers can model these to boys and young men in school and to other men in the community, for example, using discussion and negotiation when trying to solve problems and differences of opinion. For each positive quality, try to come up with several concrete examples.