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Case Study 2: Classroom Assistants in Sierra Leone and Guinea

The IRC developed and implemented a program to recruit and train female Classroom Assistants (CAs) to work in the classrooms along with the male teachers. The women were to provide the girls protection from sexual exploitation and abuse, to support the girls' well-being, and to help create more conducive learning environments. During the Healing Classrooms assessments the girls in these classes explain how they benefit from having "big sister" or "auntie" figures in whom they can confide, and who can provide advice and encouragement to help them stay in school. The boys said that they also appreciate how much more comfortable the classroom is when the CAs are present, and how much easier it is to learn when they are there.

Definition: Classroom Assistants

individuals who assist teachers in the classrooms in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, ensuring student attention, maintaining order and discipline in the classroom, tidying up the classroom, preparing teaching aids, etc.

Definition: CAs

Classroom Assistants (see Classroom Assistants definition)