Gender Dynamics

Gender Mainstreaming

The process of gender mainstreaming also implies that everyone is responsible for bringing gender perspectives to their work, for raising gender questions, and for ensuring that classroom activities, teaching tools, materials, documents, trainings, etc., support gender equality. The efforts may be coordinated by one person, e.g., the "Gender Focal Point" (or some similar title). The Focal Point may also provide technical support. But it is only when everyone works together to meet the diverse needs of men, women, boys and girls that positive and lasting changes occur. The collective efforts might come from the following:

  • Training and materials development officers have to be very aware of gender issues and be able to address them as they develop and review materials and trainings.

  • Teacher supervisors who regularly visit schools and teachers need to be tuned in to the different gender dimensions of teaching and learning. Supervisors also need observational/monitoring tools on which they can record gender-related observations, good practices and areas needing improvement.

  • Research, policy and advocacy officers have to think about the gender dimensions of the policies they are working on, about the gender breakdown of the government counterparts they are working with and so on.


Go to the tool " Ensuring a Gender Perspective " and look closely at Table 2, "Actions to Ensure Gender Mainstreaming in Education in Emergencies." Review these suggested actions and make a list of the priority gender mainstreaming actions for your program. Consider how these priority actions could be programmed into your current project/program. Consider these questions: Who would be responsible for the different actions? What training opportunities (if any) might be needed for staff involved?