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Gender Dynamics / Strategies to Promote Gender Equality / Protection from Gender-Based Violence, Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

Protection from Gender-Based Violence, Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

Educators need to be attentive to the different vulnerabilities of male and female students. Gender-responsive protection strategies have to be developed. Although boys and young men may also be affected, girls and young women are particularly affected by gender-based violence (GBV), sexual abuse and exploitation. There is growing awareness of the links between political violence and violence against women and girls in conflict-affected communities. Boys and men in conflict-affected contexts are also at risk. More men and boys are killed in conflict, but the impacts for women and girls are also brutal. Recent conflicts have involved fighting forces inflicting horrendous sexual violence on women and girls. Fighting forces around the world use sexual violence as a weapon of war and control. Gender-based violence within families and communities is also prevalent in crisis and humanitarian situations.

Factors that create particular risks of abuse and exploitation of women and girls are:

  • Large numbers of refugees and/or internally displaced persons (IDPs)

  • Insecurity

  • Precarious economic situations

  • Unequal power relationships created through dependency on humanitarian aid workers and/or peacekeepers

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Definition: IDP

internally displaced person

Definition: GBV

gender-based violence (see gender-based violence definition)

Definition: SAE

sexual abuse and exploitation