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Gender Dynamics / Workshop Guide / Gender Training for Teachers, Administrators, Education Authorities and Communities

Gender Training for Teachers, Administrators, Education Authorities and Communities

You and your colleagues are encouraged to adapt this Workshop Guide. With this tool, you can develop a training that is at the appropriate level for your workshop participants and focused on the priority issues for your context. The main objectives of the workshop are:

  • To raise awareness of the critical role of gender in the experiences and perceptions of students and teachers

  • To raise awareness of the potential for interventions to address gender inequalities and gendered vulnerabilities, and to promote gender equality

  • To help participants understand the relationship between gender and student well-being

  • To build commitment to supporting gender equality through initiatives such as safe schools

Activity: Workshop Planning

1. Review the Workshop Guide and consider which elements would be most appropriate for your priority target group.

2. How would you need to adapt this guide to meet their needs and fit with their realities? Think about some of the challenges you may face, including resistance, difficult questions, etc., and identify some strategies to address such possible challenges.

3. Develop and conduct a workshop, and then provide feedback to the IRC Healing Classrooms team on how it went. Describe what sort of reactions you got from the participants. What was the feedback? What were the ultimate results?

4. Plan ahead and make enough copies of any resources for distribution at the workshop.

5. As part of the process, develop a pre- and post-training assessment tool. Often such tools measure only the short-term memory of participants – i.e., how well they can remember certain terms and definitions from the training. Try to think about how to measure the extent to which the participants actually apply the new knowledge and skills they might have gained. What are your ideas for moving beyond that sort of assessment to something that might be more meaningful and more useful to you in the future?

6. Workshop participants are encouraged to develop their own action plans for promoting gender equality and their experiences working as agents of change. Be sure to think about and plan for ways to follow up with the participants. Consider the kind of ongoing support trainees may require for implementing their plans. Consider ways that trainees might be encouraged to review their action plans with the IRC, with peers, supervisors, etc., after the workshop.
7. Not all participants may wish to share their action plans with you. For those who want to, make copies of their plans and share them with your Technical Advisor and/or send them to the IRC in New York at . These examples will be a great addition to future versions of the eLearning Program.