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Post-Workshop Debriefing

Activity: Workshop Debriefing

Reflection on program activities is a critical tool to improve the quality, relevance and effectiveness of our interventions. In addition to what you learn from your pre- and post-training assessment tools, the following questions may also be useful prompts for your team's post-workshop debriefing:

  • In general, what do you think went well in the workshop?

  • In general, what was less successful, and what would you do to change that part for another workshop?

  • What did you learn from the participants in the workshop?

  • What did you learn from the co-facilitators/organizers?

  • How did the participants relate to the Healing Classrooms framework in this situation?

  • Did the workshop bring out new or as yet unexplored issues?

  • Did the workshop help to clarify the relationships between different issues related to gender?

  • What are the concrete next steps, and who will take them?

  • How could the framework be adapted for other situations and different groups of participants – for example, for social workers?

As you adapt and develop the workshop, be sure to share the results of the initiative with the IRC Unit. Other country programs will benefit from the insights gained through your experience.

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