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What Is the IRC's Healing Classrooms?

The IRC's Healing Classrooms began in 2004 as a global organizational learning initiative focused on the broad theme of teacher development for student well-being. It was created in recognition of and response to the special role of teachers in crisis and post-crisis education. Through ongoing action research, Healing Classrooms has continued to generate new knowledge by identifying and documenting promising existing practices while supporting the development and piloting of new innovations within different IRC programs. As a result, Healing Classrooms can be applied to the roles of other key stakeholders in promoting student well-being and gender equity.

Assessments from the Healing Classrooms pilot projects in Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Guinea and Sierra Leone have revealed some key issues for those working with children and youth in contexts of crisis, post-crisis and state fragility. They relate to the following themes:

  • Student Well-Being

  • Teacher Identity, Motivation and Well-Being

  • Gender Dynamics

  • Action Research

Subsequent action research has enriched and expanded the content within each of these themes. For example, assessments and subsequent pilot projects have provided further insights into teachers' lives and their experiences of teaching in different crisis and post-crisis situations. Learning related to appropriate and effective ways of supporting teachers' professional development is being translated into program tools and documentation. Additionally, Healing Classrooms assessments and follow-up projects are providing new content for staff development.

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