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Teacher Identity, Motivation and Well-Being

Teachers play a key role in the lives of conflict-affected children and youth. Within Healing Classrooms, the term teacher refers to a diverse group of individuals facilitating development and protection activities in IRC's education interventions. This may include primary school teachers, child-friendly spaces facilitators, vocational trainers or a variety of other educators and facilitators in the full range of education interventions. Teacher identity, motivation and well-being directly impact student well-being. Healing Classrooms teacher-related issues include:

  • Teachers in contexts of crisis, post-crisis and state fragility have particular identities, experiences, perspectives and priorities.

  • Understanding and building on teachers' experiences can ensure that training and ongoing support and professional development are meaningful and relevant.

  • Teachers are motivated and discouraged by different factors. Understanding and building on these diverse motivations promotes quality teaching.

  • Community and government support to teachers' well-being is a critical factor to achieving quality teaching and learning.