The Basics

The Basics / About the eLearning Program / Why Was It Developed?

Why Was It Developed?

The Healing Classrooms eLearning Program provides a comprehensive but flexible program through which staff can access professional development and learning opportunities on their own time. Additionally, it was developed to:

  • Build the capacity of IRC staff and partners to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate effective programs that make a positive impact for the protection, learning and overall healthy development of children and youth affected by crisis.

  • Support the sharing of IRC Healing Classrooms findings. Through the eLearning Program these significant "promising practices" and lessons learned can be shared with other programs and, where appropriate, integrated into ongoing projects as well as new projects being developed.

  • Provide learning resources for IRC and partners' field offices that have limited relevant reference and resource material on hand and that often have difficulty downloading documents from the Internet.