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How to Use the eLearning Program: Some Questions and Answers

Question: Should the program modules and sections be studied in sequence?

Answer: The modules are interconnected, but they can also be studied as standalone units. Learners can, for example, start at the beginning and work through successive modules (and sections) over an extended period of time, cross referencing and returning back to previous modules and sections to review and to apply new perspectives. Alternatively, learners may pick any one of the modules to work with as a specific unit of study.


Question: How long is a learning session?

Answer:  The time required to complete each module will depend to a great extent on the number of activities and readings that are followed up on. The learner/facilitator should select these according to his/her/the group’s priorities. On average, though, it is estimated that each module will require at least 2 to 4 hours of study time.


Question: What about the learning activities?

Answer: The activities and exercises suggested in the different modules can be worked through by an individual or as a group activity. Certain activities/exercises may be selected for group attention with others left for individual attention. See Tips for Facilitators .


Question: Are there any additional resources?

Answer: Yes.Supporting resource materials (such as additional readings, program tools, case study examples) are available in the Resource section, accessible through at the top right of this and all other pages in the program. Where resource materials should be consulted, you will see the message "Click here" and the name of the document to be accessed from the Resource section.


Question : Can I study alone?

Answer : Yes. An individual can study alone and/or the modules and sections can be read individually and discussed as a group or worked through as a group. Most of the activities are flexible, suitable for group and/or individual work.