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Why Is Flexibility So Important?

IRC staff members are involved with varied programs in diverse contexts. They also have a wide variety of skills and experiences. Clearly, the needs of seasoned staff are very different from those who are new to the team. Long-time IRC staff members are familiar with IRC approaches but may need a focused learning experience on a particular topic. New staff members would benefit from a comprehensive package of learning and professional development that could be built into their induction and orientation process with IRC. Program flexibility takes into account:

  • Hectic schedules of IRC staff: Field staff are often so busy with the everyday realities of their work that they have no time to seek out additional learning materials. These realities call for a flexible, self-contained and self-paced learning package.

  • Diverse learning styles, paces and preferences: This program allows people to learn at their own pace. It also provides opportunities for staff to learn in different ways, such as a face-to-face, collective learning experience or individual study and review.