The Basics

The Basics / Introduction


The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a worldwide humanitarian aid organization. The IRC's work begins at the outset of an emergency and continues through protracted crises to post-conflict reconstruction and development. IRC programming aims to:

  • Provide for individuals' basic needs

  • Save lives

  • Strengthen institutions

  • Promote social cohesion

The IRC's Healing Classrooms has been developed through our work in conflict-affected countries over the past 27 years. It recognizes both the reality of prior underinvestment in education in many of these countries and the devastating effects of war on children, youth, parents, teachers, and education systems and infrastructure. In the context of sudden onset and chronic crises, as well as contexts of post-crisis and state fragility, the Healing Classrooms approach is designed to develop and strengthen the role that schools and especially teachers play in promoting the psychosocial recovery and well-being of children and youth. It encourages an inclusive approach to education, in which all children and youth are welcomed – including girls, children of different ethnic origin and children with disabilities. It recognizes that crises and displacement heighten the risks of abuse and exploitation faced by children and youth, even within schools, and that training, ongoing support, and monitoring and referral systems are critical in making schools safe spaces. The approach particularly focuses on expanding and supporting the positive role that teachers, parents, government officials and community members play in these crises, in making and maintaining these "healing" learning spaces, in which all children and youth can recover, grow and develop. Healing Classrooms started with the recognition that in these contexts many, possibly the majority of, teachers may not have been formally trained as teachers, and may well have had only a few years of formal schooling themselves. Building on this learning, Healing Classrooms has expanded in recognition of the variety of players who have an impact on student well-being.

This eLearning Program is designed to provide Healing Classrooms-related learning opportunities to staff of IRC and its partners. A self and/or group study program, the eLearning Program enables staff to:

  • Access relevant, quality professional development opportunities and resources on an ongoing basis

  • Support their colleagues' learning of key concepts related to child protection, student well-being, quality teaching and learning

  • Design, implement and monitor quality programs

Begin the program by learning the basics:

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